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Smile Mobility, a young company based in Pforzheim, focuses on innovative technologies, high-quality alternative materials and sustainability. With a strong partner network and the Open-Source Philosophy, it aims to put an environmentally friendly electric vehicle on the roads by 2025. The goal: to continuously improve energy efficiency - for sustainable mobility of the future.

The overall aerodynamic concept of the vehicle is designed for maximum efficiency. Every element of the exterior shape is modelled on the teardrop shape to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. In addition, specially developed concepts and components such as narrower tyres and wheels, virtual exterior mirrors, retractable windscreen wipers and an aerodynamically designed windscreen contribute to increased energy efficiency.


The two-seater is equipped with three wheels and will be classified in the 125 CC class in future due to its technical requirements. This allows access with various driving licences and from the age of 16.


A weight reduction to a total of 280 kilograms enables an efficient energy concept. The use of lightweight materials and the consistent weight optimisation of all components further reduce energy consumption.


The vehicle is driven by two gearless electric motors that offer a total of 20 KW of power. The energy supply is provided by two exchangeable batteries, which allow a range of 200 to 500 kilometers, depending on the driving style. The energy for the vehicle is generated decentrally, for example by a photovoltaic system with an area of around six square meters. In addition, the vehicle has solar cells on the lower wing to charge the exchangeable batteries even while driving. A pedal-powered generator can extend the range depending on muscle power. The intelligent energy recovery system recovers energy when braking or driving downhill and feeds it into the exchangeable batteries.


The goal is to work together with a steadily growing partner network to continuously reduce energy consumption. For example, further development of the electric motor and the electric control system will steadily reduce energy consumption.

The consumption of electrical devices in the vehicle in a balanced ratio of benefit and effect can be reduced by 80 percent with "e-paper displays", for example. Highly efficient and energy-saving LED technology is used to illuminate the vehicle from both the outside and the inside. An efficient, electric wall tempering system with infrared and radiant heat reduces energy consumption for interior tempering by 20 percent.

To ensure maximum safety, the vehicle is lighter than other vehicles through resource-efficient use of components. Weight reduction is also an important factor here, because the less mass in motion, the less "kinetic energy" generated in a collision has to be dissipated via the curved springy composite construction.

At the same time, the entire interior is filled by two airbag systems above and below the driver, which in turn causes counterpressure on the outer walls, stabilises the driver's cabin and protects the people inside as if they were in an aviation suit.

Based on the Open-Source Philosophy, we work together with various partners. The worldwide craft, science and university network contributes to constant market-independent development and innovation. The Smile Mobility company's own open-source technology platform makes it possible to be in constant exchange locally and worldwide.

Production is decentralised to optimise supply chains and adjust costs in relation to income. This makes the vehicle affordable for end customers worldwide.

The Smile Mobility company certificate is only awarded to project partners who can demonstrate compliance with our requirements in the defined areas such as sustainability, labour rights, quality, etc. The Smile Mobility certificate is also awarded to project partners who can demonstrate compliance with our requirements in the defined areas such as sustainability, labour rights, quality, etc.


Anyone who can identify with our company philosophy and is interested can become a licence partner from 2025. We are specifically targeting small workshops. Our internet presentation of an exemplary production line will be geared towards a size of two to 15 people. We want to promote decentralised solutions. Preference will be given to companies that want to make the transition to electric mobility.


With this environmentally friendly and efficient vehicle, Smile Mobility is setting a new standard for sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. The company strives for a better future and invites interested parties to become part of this vision.

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