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Fahrzeug der Zukunft
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Smile Mobility - Collaborative we are shaping the future of mobility


Smile Mobility's vision is to reduce CO2 emissions and create climate-friendly global mobility with renewable energy. For the company, being at the forefront of innovation means going beyond the needs of today's mobility market to use high-quality endless materials and sustainable alternatives in an energy-efficient way. All this with a vision of inclusion that encourages trainees, students, the self-employed, craftsmen and women, universities and companies to commit to the use of more sustainable materials and energy-efficient mobility. For change requires us all to get involved.

Space-saving and energy-efficient mobility solutions will ensure climate-friendly, comfortable and safe quality of life globally in the increasingly crowded conurbations of the future.


Biological, physical, chemical and bionic laws in nature ensure the logical use of materials, technology and design at the same time. Nature provides endless inspiration for constructing with a minimum of material and energy. Smile Mobility combines energy and resource efficiency, extreme lightness with enormous safety, comfort and transparency, performance and economy and never tires of working on the X factor.


With innovative, energy-efficiently tuned technologies, high-quality and alternative materials, as well as a strong partner network and the Open-Source Philosophy as our guiding principle, we expect to have a new, environmentally friendly electric vehicle on our roads in 2025.


If you want to support our vision of an environmentally friendly vehicle, you can contact us via e-mail mail(at)smile-automotive(dot)de.


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