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Shaping the future of mobility together.

Nothing more and nothing less is the vision of SMILE Mobility. By using renewable energies in an energy-efficient vehicle, CO2 emissions are reduced and environmentally friendly mobility is made possible.

Help shape it yourself and become part of the community where you can help develop the Smile and contribute your own ideas.



Million Barrels of Oil

are burnt by motor vehicles every day 



worth of gasoline are burnt on 100 km by a typical car



are needed for 100 km in the SMILE

Focus on the big picture

We work together with various partners on the basis of the open source philosophy.
The global network of craftspeople, scientists and universities contributes to continuous market-independent development and innovation.

Via the technology platform, it will soon be possible to be in constant exchange both locally and worldwide


Rethinking urban spaces

Space-saving and energy-efficient mobility solutions will ensure a climate-friendly, comfortable and safe quality of life in the increasingly crowded urban areas of the future

SMILE around the world

SMILE Mobility combines energy and resource efficiency, extreme lightness with enormous safety, comfort and transparency, performance and economy and never tires of working on the X factor. 

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