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Thanks to its innovative safety cell, SMILE offers comprehensive protection for the driver and front passenger. This stable construction made of high-strength materials forms the core of the vehicle and dissipates the forces in a controlled manner in the event of an accident.

Safety at the core: the Survival Cell by SMILE


Innovative airbag solutions for additional protection

In addition to the robust Survival Cell, Smile has a sophisticated airbag system that offers additional protection in the event of an accident. Front and side airbags are fitted as standard, and head airbags are also available as an option.

Optimized safety for more safety on the road:

  • Powerful LED light:
    Both headlights and rear lights feature LED technology to ensure optimum visibility day and night

  • Generous glass surfaces:

    The generous glass surfaces provide the driver with excellent all-round visibility so that obstacles can be detected at an early stage

  • Reflective elements:

    Reflective elements on the bodywork ensure that Smile is highly visible even in poor lighting conditions


SMILE: Safety at the highest level

With its innovative safety concept, SMILE sets new standards in electromobility. The combination of survival cell, airbag system and optimized visibility offers the driver and front passenger maximum protection.

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