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SMILE offers the perfect opportunity to support a
technology startup of a different kind in its early growth phase.

Contact us today and receive your personalized offer within the next few days.


Why support SMILE?


Sustainable Business

For us, sustainability is not just an empty phrase.
The SMILE approach considers sustainability from the ground up, which sets us apart from many of our competitors.

Growth market

18,0 %

CAGR over the coming 8 years until 2032


$bn market volume in 2032


Source: Fortune Buzsiness Insights (2024) Electric Three Wheeler Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis:

Screenshot 2024-06-14 001013.png

Jakob Hölzel: the original SMILE

SMILE is fundamentally associated with Jakob Hölzel. As an inventor and tinkerer, he is responsible for the past years of SMILE development and will continue to lead the project in the future.

Support us as a tech partner!

We are particularly pleased about the opportunity to cooperate with other technology companies or dealers. But we also welcome interested private individuals and other visionaries. 

Image by Cytonn Photography


In order to drive our project forward, we are happy to receive any donation.

However, we cannot issue a donation receipt for this.

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